Every week we feed 2000 cups of Ujii for breakfast at a cost of $150 a week. Sponsor breakfast for one week, Donate $150 a month.

From $150 a month


Each week we also serve 2300 hot lunches costing $300 a week. Sponsor lunch for one week a month, Donate $300 a month.

From $300 a month


 Sponsor a uniform package for a child in primary school, $150.  Dress and sweater, or short, shirt and sweater, track suite, school shoes and sports shoes. 

High School,2 basic uniforms plus track suite, sweater, blazer, School shoes and sports shoes $200

From $150

Teacher Salaries

Help pay an African teachers salary. Typical pay for a primary teacher is $200. a month

From $200 a month

Monthly Partner

Become a monthly partner. We desperately need more money coming in every month to meet budget. If you can commit to a set amount each month it would be a real blessing to us.

Any amount

Sponsor a Child

There are numerous opportunities to change a child’s life through sponsorship. Please take a look at our child sponsorship page to learn more. 

From $75 a month

The Orbit College Fund

In 2008 our first students started colleges, universities, and technical schools. Many of them are orphans in our full  time care. We have a fund to continue their education.

Amounts Vary


$100 will buy the basic medications we need to have on hand at the school.

From $100

US Volunteers

All our US volunteers are unpaid and raise their own funds to travel to and from Kenya. Donate to help them continue to go.

Any Amount


Remember us in your will. The Orbit Village Project has made a long-term commitment to the children of Kenya. Leave a lasting legacy.

Any Amount

Memorial Gift

Give a monetary gift in honor or memory of someone special.

Any Amount

Christmas Blessing Baskets

If you would like to sponsor a Blessing Basket for a family this year it is $25 and as you can see it is a wonderful gift to a Kenyan family that would otherwise have very little food to eat over the Christmas Holidays. These baskets also go to our Islamic families and even other very needy families outside our churches and project. I promise you it will be the most powerful $25 you will spend this Christmas.

From $25

Other Ways to Give


Volunteering your time and energy can be life changing for those you serve but also for yourself. Just ask anyone who has served in the past! From teaching English as a Second Language to leading Soccer Camps to helping with our everyday activities, volunteers are always needed and appreciated. 


As we continue to provide better facilities for our children and staff, there is always a need for construction materials and expertise. If you have experience in construction or renovation, please reach out!


The world has been overcome by technology, which is no exception in Kenya. We endeavor to help our children become familiar with technology, especially regarding how to properly use a computer. We believe this will help our children succeed in a modern world. If you have retired computers in good working condition, please consider donating them to Orbit Village Project so our children can be better equipped. 


There is no greater need than the need of the gospel reaching the hearts of our children and all those involved in the Orbit Village Project. Jesus and the good news of what He accomplished for our souls is central to what we believe. We welcome individuals and teams who have a desire to share the gospel in a cross-cultural setting. We also accept Bibles and other creative ways to share the gospel with our children and surrounding community. 

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God bless you, and thank you for supporting the Orbit Village Project

mail donations to:

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or donate online


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support us and change the course of a child's life today!