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Kenya | Nairobi

HAART Kenya (Awareness Against Human Trafficking) is a grassroots organization that we are grateful to partner with. Along with educating our community and students about child trafficking and empowering children to know their rights, we have engaged in a three year partnership centered around a Child Protection Club. This club provides a safe space for children to to learn and to also share their challenges through art and meaningful engagement. Lifting children’s voices is something we are passionate about at Orbit Village and this partnership will allow the students to first share their views and stories within our school, amongst children in other schools who are participating in the program, and then to showcase their art to the government as part of a child and youth advocacy campaign.

United States | Tennessee

First Baptist Church Sevierville Tennessee has been with Orbit since the very beginning. Over time, that partnership has grown and developed and the church has become more deeply committed to partnership missions. The first trip that took us to The Orbit Village was a result of FBC’s response to Cyndy’s spiritual calling to Africa. The church received an invitation to be part of Nairobi Crusade 95 and the pastor, Dr. Rich Liner, felt this was an answer to prayer. As a result, FBC sent a team of five to be part of that church planting effort. Orbit Baptist Church was planted at this time. For the first year, Cyndy’s Sunday school class passed the basket weekly to feed the children, fund the small church, and, later, the school. The church was started for the children of the quarry workers. Members started to sponsor children and visit Orbit and the project grew rapidly.  In 2009, the first volunteer team came and, since then, FBC has come to serve most every year except during the COVID-19 pandemic. FBC Team Kenya has hosted various events for the kids including VBS, two amazing music camps, Zawadi the Gift, and, most recently, an English as a Second Language camp. Each time, God has worked mightily with scores of children putting their faith in Christ and being baptized. In addition to serving the children and church at Orbit Village Project, FBC volunteer teams have also been involved in serving with Orbit’s church plants in the Mathare Valley and Naiborkeju. 

Kenya | Nairobi

Our partnership with The Green Belt Movement, which is a grassroots organization started by Nobel-Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai, has been around nurturing the environmental awareness and education of our students. We have celebrated two environmental days together in 2021 and 2022 and The Green Belt movement has been inspiring our students around environmental advocacy and the importance of citizenship in making Kenya more green and sustainable now and into the future.

Kenya | Nairobi

— Alumni Association

Many of the students who have graduated from Orbit School of the Cross and who have lived in our children’s home stay engaged and give back to the community. They contribute through multiple food drives throughout the year as well as staying in touch with the children and visiting throughout the year and with donations.


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