Orbit Baptist Church Mathare

Mathare, one of Africa’s oldest slums, sits within Nairobi, about one hour away from Orbit. For many years, its reputation has been formed by crime, poverty, and overcrowding. Despite only stretching over half a mile, the slum holds nearly 500,000 people. Many live on a dollar a day and live in little, metal shanty buildings. After the 2007 post-election violence, we started working at the local Internally Displaced People’s (“IDP”) camp providing fresh vegetables, mattresses, tarps, blankets, etc. Shortly after, we started showing Christian movies every Friday night as well weekly church services.

As the closing date of the IDP neared, camp dwellers continuously asked us for a church. We had no idea how to go about this or how it would be funded. Fortunately, it was God’s plan, so we only had to follow in the Lord’s footsteps as Orbit established a sister church in Mathare. Scripture makes it clear that God blesses us, not so we can live with greed and covetousness, but so that we may also bless others. Hebrews 13:16 states, “And do not forget to do good and share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

After nearly 14 years, Orbit Baptist Church Mathare has more than 150+ members and continues to grow and reach new people in the valley everyday. 

Orbit Rehabilitation Program

Alcohol abuse is a major problem in Mathare, and continues to have devastating effects on the development of the community. Due to the high rate of unemployment and lack of basic services, the people of Mathare Valley often feel forced to turn to crime, prostitution, and making and selling illicit brew to make a little money for their basic needs. This continues to be exacerbated by poverty, limited access to education, and unstable social contexts.

After realizing the impact that alcohol abuse had on some of our church members and their families, we began having weekly meetings to provide education around the effects of alcohol, counseling and a free lunch to men and women struggling with substance addiction. This started with around 10 members and has now grown to over 60+ people.


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