We take great pride in our eco-initiatives that have been steadily integrated at Orbit Village. In 2021, with the support of a generous donor, we were able to install a solar pump that has, after 27 years, now given the school and children’s home access to clean water for use on-site. We have 3 green houses that produce healthy food for the community. Additionally in 2021, we created a garden project for the school where each class has their own garden that supports a nature-based hands-on learning environment, health and wellness, and gives the chance for students who struggle in class to be more engaged in learning. Another eco-related initiative that was supported by a donor, is our Eco-Park. It was a great effort from our Environmental Club members who created the Eco-Park by making eco-bricks into chairs and tables, and a shaded area from recycled materials. The eco-park acts as an outdoor classroom as well as a space for the children to interact in and play.

We have been fortunate to fundraise for reusable pads and to have education from Padmads Kenya, which has supported the education of all genders in order to advance de-stigmatization of menstruation and to help mitigate the environmental burden that comes with no waste management services in the area.

Child-centered holistic education

Goal: To blend the best of CBC curriculum, Social and Emotional Learning, Trauma Informed Care, Gender-Responsive strategies, and Outdoor/ Nature-based learning approaches and to continually and collectively improve the curriculum in innovative and child-centered ways with cultural and contextual consideration.

Mission: Orbit curriculum is to offer quality education and care, while acknowledging the challenges of children and recognizing the opportunities in developing a sense of community and belonging for children, families, and staff. We are committed to creating a culture based on Christian values and character through positive relationships, respect and belonging, and providing a supportive environment including a pastor, social workers, and guidance and counselor role, who will all be available if required to provide guidance and support for children, family, and staff. We respect and honor that each child’s journey is special and different and that it is our role to care for, nurture, and guide the “whole child” by empowering them to develop skills, knowledge, feelings and attitudes that will help them on a path to become children who are self-aware, confident, inspired, and compassionate members of society. We include the children as much as possible in planning the curriculum activities, our process is child-centered, and we see children as competent learners and capable of making their own choices and are encouraged to be part of their process of learning. Children’s voices should be heard, nurtured, and included in learning and curriculum.

Vision: For children to develop, learn, and grow in an environment that nurtures their overall well-being. Using a holistic approach to nurture children’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional development.

Stop Child Trafficking

It is a sad truth that child trafficking exists all over the world. The same is true in Kenya. We have partnered with different organizations to make sure children stay protected and safe from child traffickers.


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