Christmas Blessing Baskets

This Christmas, share the love Christ put in your heart with an African family in a real and personal way. Donate a Christmas Blessing Basket for $25.00. Every cent, and then some, goes into the basket and you can be assured a family will never forget the feast you gifted them for Christmas day! We give baskets to everyone associated with our three churches. Even a child who comes alone to church is given a full size blessing basket. Baskets are also given to families of sponsor children, teachers and Orbit staff depending of family size or numbers of sponsored children in the family. The stories we hear from people who received these baskets are heart warming. Some of our favorite quotes are “I had a whole packet of milk to drink, I didn’t have to share it with anyone”, “We invited our neighbors because we had something to share and they had nothing”, “Now at Christmas we are just like other people”, “We ate until we were full and we were all so happy”, “I have celebrated the birthday of Jesus every year, and every year I was hungry but I still went to church to celebrate Him. He promised to supply my desires and indeed He has done that, because of Him, I was able to serve many family members a Christmas feast. They all know it’s because of the love of my church and their love for Jesus that we had such a blessing.” 


sponsor Christmas baskets today!