means “Welcome” in Swahili. The Orbit Village is located about 20 miles from downtown Nairobi. We first visited Orbit in 1995 and were captured by the children’s sweet spirit and great need. What we found there in that small dusty, village, inside of a rock quarry, called us to action.


The Orbit Village Project was formed. We started a school called Orbit School of the Cross that now spans from Baby Class through High School. Today there are almost 500 students enrolled at Orbit. Thru the Orbit College Program we now have students in Nairobi Universities and Graduates.

Every school day we feed the students and staff breakfast and lunch. That’s over 1200 meals a day.

We realized in 2000 that people were sick, really sick, and we recognized AIDS. In 2001 we took a medical and educational group to Kenya and began teaching about, and testing for, the HIV virus. We were one of the very first testing facilities in the country. The Orbit Village Medical Clinic was born from this group of volunteers.

When HIV & AIDS took the lives of many parents, we opened an orphanage called The Orbit Child Refuge.  Joshua House is the home for boys and “The Well” Dorm is for girls. We are the proud parents of  75 kids!.  Many other orphans & vulnerable children are cared for thru our Home Based Care program.


We planted a church called Orbit Baptist Church  and in 2009 that church planted another church, Orbit Baptist Church-Mathare.  This church originated as a cell group for  IDP’s in the Mathare Valley Chief’s Camp after the horrific post election violence of the 2007 presidential elections left 1000’s dead and much of the Mathare Valley burned to the ground.

These pages will tell you all about the Orbit Village Project. Karibu!


LOve big enough to reach around the world

The Orbit Village is located outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Its home base is Sevierville, Tennessee USA. The project is a 501c3 and has no paid staff aside from Kenyan workers in the Nairobi project.  It is supported completely by donations.